The Aquazero garments are made with a resistant hydrophobic and windbreaker treatment to create the most protective, superlight layer for wet weather. Water simply beads and runs off the outer surface of the garments. They always leaving you well equipped and prepared for unpredictable weather. The highly breathable fabric also allows body heat and moisture to escape. 

Chaqueta Roja Aquazero - Ciclismo
Culotte Aquazero Impermeables Gsport Ciclismo

Aquazero treatmen also guarantees breathability, ultraviolet protection and high durability after continuated use and many washes.

Chaleco Gsport Ciclismo
Chaleco Sandalo Aquazero - Gspor Ciclismo

Chaleco Gsport Ciclismo
Calcetines Aquazero Impermeables Gsport Ciclismo