cycling&cancer - colección de ropa solidaria para recaudar fondos contra el cáncer de mama
We are happy to present a project with a lot of soul, the new CYCLING & CANCER x GSPORT collection. A solidarity collection designed and made from the heart to support the fight against cancer with a pedal stroke. Cycling...
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Transibérica 2022, el reto bikepacking de ultradistacia en bicicleta de carretera
Albert Valiente had a challenge, to live the TRANSIBERICA 2022. His first participation in a real ultra-distance cycling race. Everything else had been tests, solo rides and challenges.  "On my track 3,423 km. 53,936+. Cap number: #1" Starting from this basis, it...
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Titan Desert 2022
The Titan Desert is an MTB race by stages in the desert of Morocco that is characterized by the high temperatures, dunes rocks and reddish sand. This factors, add this to the physical effort and the kilometers, and you’ve got one of the hardest competitions for the participants.
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