Basajaun carrera de gravel de ultradistancia
In collaboration with Ibai Fradejas Basajaun is not just an endurance gravel race, from the start it becomes a survival journey, an adventure. I decided to live it to the fullest, sleeping as little as possible (5h) and with the least...
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CREMAET XPLORE Xperiences - Gsport Gravel
The past 19th and 20th of March took place our last gravel event inside the known Xplore Experiences. Despite the bad weather that accompanied us all weekend, the CREMAET XPLORE came back to reunite an unconventional group of cycling lovers.
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The call by the horn marked the beginning of a weekend full of nice people and lots of Gravel. The mountains of Bizcaia and their important views were accompanied by T3SCC in this first contact with the world of Gravel.
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