Recorrer los Picos de Europa con bicicleta
In collaboration with IBAI FRADEJAS

The adventures planed the last minute are usually the most fun ones, this is why planning an exploring trip a Monday for the weekend is a good start.

We set course to the EUROPEAN PEAKS, which were given this name because they were the first peaks that navigators discovered when they landed for the first time in the northern part of Spain.

Even though it’s almost the end of July and the beginning of August, we revised the weather prognostic because it’s a mountain pass with some places with 2.000m above water level, there were some possible storms, and this gave us some uncertainty, but we didn’t think about it twice and we packed our bikes and prepared for the trip.

The main idea was to cross the central massif, and to enjoy the beautiful landsides as long as we were there, some of this landsides were almost unexplored by gravel bike and to explore the surroundings, we had a route in mind with some asphalt, but the vast majority of magical sections were made up of gravel.

The track guided us up and down the mountain each day to show us all the beauty of the national park… let’s begin the exploration!

As the name of the collection says “XPLORE”, exploring from sun to sun is the best way to drain the zone at its max, enjoying the best views to see and take advantage of the hours on the bike.

We stayed at some hostels, rural houses and mountain shelters which is synonymous with harmony with nature, free time in the middle of the wildlife and finding yourself in the middle of a socio-rural environment rich in culture and quality food products extracted by the local farmers. Without a doubt this places are good to stay and eat natural food for a reasonable price.

Enjoy the rest of the PHOTOS here:

Explorar los Picos de Europa en bici
Recorrer los Picos de Europa en Bicicleta


Our trip was thought on the National Park of the European Peaks, that’s why we tried finding a route that went through all of it, and we did find it, going up and down the mountain through asphalt and dirt. 

  • Location European Peaks
  • 3 stages
  • Distance 200 km 
  • Acuuative ascens 6.600 m 
  • Minimum tires recomended 40mm.
  • Recomended development 1:1 because there are lots of sharp uphills.

The best season to do this route is during summer, this is because in awtum and spring you can find snow in the 2.000m zones. 

You need to be ready for everything because in those high places it easy for the clouds to get influenced by the temperatures and change the outcome of things. This is why you should prepare for everything...

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