We believe in the the art of creating something from zero. To create garments by cyclists for cyclists. Our "know-how" arises from based on the passion for this sports,  and this is transferred throughout the entire production chain to create unique pieces that will help you meet all your challenges.


Especially designed for your next adventure


Everything starts with an IDEA. Thoughts become things and once you see it in your mind, our production team will make it possible for you to hold it in your hands. 

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Maillots de ciclismo personalizadoMaillots de ciclismo personalizados


The Gsport custom range has been tested by professional cyclists in races where the highest performance is achieved and maximum performance is required.

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Join our community of athletes. Use #gsportcustom for a chance to see your custom kit featured.

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For a custom project to be carried out, a minimum order of 5 units per item and design is required. (Check with our commercials the rates and conditions, ranges and pads available).
Tell us what you need and we will study your case.

Our design department will work with your idea and help you bring it to life, from a simple hand sketch to a finished design. Throughout this process until you reach the desired goal, you will be in direct contact with our designers to share ideas and request modifications. The custom design service is free of charge for our clients if the project is carried out.

The approximate delivery time for our custom orders is 7 weeks, from order confirmation (these deadlines could be altered at certain times of the year). At the time of confirmation of your order and design, our commercial department will contact you to communicate a more exact delivery date. Once the delivery deadline approaches, we will notify you via email.

The minimum order for replacements is 5 units per model. In this service there are no design or layout costs (they would already be covered in the initial order).

Custom orders do not admit changes or returns, except for factory defects. In that case, our quality department will review the garments to corroborate the production fault and we will proceed, either to repair the fault or to manufacture another garment at no cost to you.

You can check your size through our Size Guide page where you will find some tables for men and women that will help you specify your ideal size (from XXS to 5XL). In addition, we also have a sizing system that works by waiting list. Our commercials may request this information and explain the process (please respect the date of availability of the sizes, maximum 1 week).

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