Smoke Bidon


Bidón Smoke Gsport

The Black Gsport bidon comes with a layer of silicon dioxide on the inside wall of the bottle. This makes them have a glass-like finish, naturally avoiding the problems of beverage stains or bad tastes in the bottle. In addition, it prevents the water from having a plastic taste on very hot days, and it protects the bottle from bad odor, stains and mold to keep the water pure and the bottle clean.

  • 24oz, 700ml.
  • The mouthpiece is threadless, so you don’t need hands to open it.
  • The lid’s design is leak-free and wide enough for ice cubes and mixing powdered beverages.
  • The MoFlo ™ watertight lid lets 50% more water through than other market leaders, plus we’ve improved exterior grip.
  • Rubber overmolded on the outside of the lid for an easy and secure grip.
  • Made of easy-to-squeeze LDPE material.
  • The BPA-free plastic is made from 100% FDA food grade materials, and is printed with non-solvent based (UV cured), ink and CPSC approved materials.

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