Mono tt manga corta gsport hombre badana
Mono tt manga corta gsport hombre licra badana
Mono tt manga corta hombre licra badana gsport
Mono tt hombre licra badana gsport elastico

TT Custom Suit SS


  • Tight-fitting garment prepared for medium-long distance.
  • Made with two different fabrics for a good optimisation of the garment. Lycra generally all over the overall except for the sleeves, made with micro-perforated fabric.
  • Lower part, finished with 7 cm elastic cuff.
  • Temperature range from 15°C.
  • BADANA: Comfort Olympic Distance. Foam density: 65 Kg/m3. Recommended for 8+ hours. Developed in a single density and a thickness of 6 mm which allows excellent protection and at the same time an incredible elasticity. The addition of perforations allows the pad, after swimming, quick drying and high breathability. This helps to avoid abrasions / irritations during pedalling and running. 
  • VERSIONS: available in long sleeve version.

*Mínimo 5 unidades por referencia. (Excepto calcetines, mínimo 25 unidades, 10 por talla). Se pueden combinar prendas de chico y chica en diferentes tallas. Diseño a medida sin coste extra. Plazo de entrega 7 semanas.

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Machine wash cold: 30°C / Wash with similar colours / Do not tumble dry / Do not tumble dry / Do not dry clean / Do not iron / Do not wash with Velcro.


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