Salida T3SCC verano 2020

The first summer ride after hard confinement has not been long in coming. The members of T3SCC attended the appointment.

14.06.2020. 8:00 a.m. Genoves.

“After not being able to enjoy our passion with friends for so long, we were looking forward to this meeting with great enthusiasm”

“We laughed, we had a great ride and we met up with good friends. We couldn’t ask for more from any given Sunday »

«The route was demanding, 116 km with 1,880 m of unevenness. We wanted to go back »

“Many anecdotes to remember while having a few beers, we had a great time”

“It is always nice to discover new roads and passes, new places where you can get lost with your bike”

“These meetings allow us to meet new members of the club, the family increases”

“We have left behind in confinement with a good taste in our mouths. We look forward to the next meeting with great desire. There is always a new adventure to join »

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