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Diego, Victor, Pau and Marcos, four friends willing to do crazy things, return from their route in the Dolomite Alps to embark on a new adventure. 1,300 km and 22,000 meters of positive elevation gain, bound for France and return to Castellón. 

A history of GSPORT CUSTOM.

1300 KMS – +22000 MTS – BIKEPACKING – 11 DAYS

Visit the precious Dolomite Alps it's an experience that marks anyone and in this case, it was no different. These four friends decided that their cycling adventure was not over yet, in fact, it was just beginning.

Contributing ideas together, they drew a route that they classified as “close to impossible”. This adventure proposed to reach the Pyrenees by rental car, leave it and visit the most mythical ports of the French Pyrenees, while heading back to Castellón, in Bikepacking.

This meant that the adventure had about 1,300 km and more than 22,000 meters of positive elevation gain, with the need to arrive every day at the hotel/hostel that they previously reserved. All this, adding a 13-liter backpack and a 3-liter one on the handlebars, where they had to carry everything they needed for the 11 days that the trip was going to last.

At Gsport, everything starts with an idea.

When these 4 friends contacted the department of Gsport Custom, we got to work designing a custom kit for the feat. With our range CUSTOM, we created a jersey recalling the mythical ports of the area and adapting it to the climatic adversities that they could face.

“We felt like we were the “Maillots Jaunes” of the Tour de France”. Diego jokes.

On an adventure!

The route started in a different way than expected. The group did not have the chance to leave the car in a foreign country, so Pau had to start the trip in Pamplona, adding an extra 185 km with 2,300 meters of unevenness. The next day the group had to travel 160 km and 3,200 meters to meet up with Pau again, reunite the peloton and start climbing the French passes that are so often seen on television. (Aubisque and Hautacam).

As their third and last day in the high mountains, the mythical climbs (Aspin - Peyresourde - Portillon - Bonaigua) awaited them, ruling out El Tourmalet, which was closed due to snow, thus totaling 140 km and more than 3,500 accumulated meters.

After passing through France, they continued adding ports and kilometers to return home. They also suffered some other "unfortunate" incident. Like Victor's, which broke the gear hanger and had to be towed with the rest of the group to the nearest city. Even so, nothing prevented them from finally reaching the brava coast. 

The arrival in Reus was doubly rewarded. The final climax of this adventure? Dispute the Mussara - Reus, in its medium distance version (135 kms and +2500 mts). 

"To our surprise, we believe that due to the fact that we took off our bikepacking backpacks of about 5 Kgs in total (with which we had trained climbing the ports), we found ourselves at the head of the race. "Leading" since it is a non-competitive march, Diego finishing in first position in the sprint and the rest of the group entering the TOP 10. Which left us all quite incredulous after all the journey we had been on" Marcos recounted. 

The rest is history. These 4 friends finished their adventure already wanting to start the next one. 

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