OFF-THE-CHAIN con Aileen Schweikart
We get off the bike to present OFF THE CHAIN, a new sensation were you will learn new things from the cycling world in a fun and fast way. AILEEN SCHWEIKART (Bizkaia Durango) Everything started two years ago, in October...
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Gorra de ciclismo

The cycling cap comes back with power among the cyclists because of its high esthetic magnetism and its polyvalence. It will help us protect ourselves from the sun, the water, the cold and others, it will absorb the sweat that falls from our head during the training and races.

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EL ARTE DEL LAYERING, cómo vestir con capas en ciclismo
When practicing cycling the body temperature gets higher, the cooling mechanism we possess in our bodies is the sweating, we should choose a clothing that can keep us dry from the sweat, a clothing that can keep us warm so we can go against low temperatures and to prevent getting stopped because of the rain.
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